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The Beta-Earth Chronicles series ~

Three earths. One is dominated by an ancient plague that kills three out of four male babies their first year. One is home to human pairs that share thoughts and feelings simultaneously. One is our planet 40 years in the future, a planet decimated by global warming and plagues from biological weapons.

Meet all three earths in the six books of the Beta-Earth Chronicles!

The Blind Alien

The Blind Alien – Book 1

The Blood of Balnakin

The Blood of Balnakin – Book 2

When War Returns

When War Returns – Book 3

A Throne for an Alien

A Throne for an Alien – Book 4

The Third Earth

The Third Earth – Book 5

Return to Alpha

Return to Alpha – Book 6

Short story collections ~

Alpha Tales 2044

Alpha Tales 2044


And short stories ~

Cover - The Fates of Evil Men

The Fates of Evil Men

Cover - The Wayward Missiles

The Wayward Missiles


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Cover - Dutiful Detective

The Dutiful Detective and the Deadly Decoys

Cover - Last Night of the Collective

Last Night of the Collective

Cover - Not About Death

It’s Not About Death, It’s About Fear



Fictional Spies in Film and Television ~

Encyclopedia of TV Spies

Encyclopedia of TV Spies


Other Writings of Wesley Britton ~

Poetry – Cracks of Consciousness – PDF File, will open in a new window