Return to Alpha

Book 6 – The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series


Return to Alpha

Forty years in the future, planet Earth will be suffering from climate changes from global warming.

Forty years from now, haunted survivors will be recovering from waves of decimating plagues from uncontrollable biological weapons.

Then, one crisp April morning, a strange spaceship lands on a Jamaican beach carrying six aliens. Four of them claim to have the same father, and he was from our Earth, Alpha-Earth. Their father is the only man to have lived on three earths in the multi-verse. Two of the aliens are his children from Beta-Earth, two from Cerapin-Earth.

How would we react to this news, an awareness that our planet shares space with at least two other planets?

How can we adapt to hearing there are many gods in the multi-verse, not one creator of everything?

Would we be accepting of alien humans who talk about radically different cultures from anything we know?

How would we treat these ambassadors bringing with them what is, for many, unwelcome realities?


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