The Guild Interviews Wes Britton

On May 28, 2021, Wes Britton joined Chris on an episode of W.A.R.G. – The Guild for a discussion of writing and research, particularly with science-fiction novels and the spy genre.

The podcast is available on several platforms, including Apple, Castbox, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Spotify.  Click on the link below to listen to the interview on the W.A.R.G. – The Guild website ~

Wes Britton Interview ~ W.A.R.G. – The Guild

The Guild interviews writers and artists in many genres.  Episodes are available on The Guild’s Spotify Anchor website ~

W.A.R.G. – The Guild

New Book Available!

Just released from Wes Britton – Return to Alpha: A New Saga Begins.

In this stand-alone novel in the Beta-Earth Chronicles series, meet a new cast of characters as they escape persecution across the former United States in a surprising and deadly chase.

Who will give them shelter and protection from a frightened planet?

Click here to find out more!

Britton Book Cover a Second-Place Winner!

In early March, 2021, the cover of Wes Britton’s short story collection Alpha Tales 2044 took second place in the LitCon 2021 Cover Wars, Science Fiction division!

LitCon attendees were invited to vote for their favorite cover in several areas – Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror, Children’s Books, Urban Fantasy, Mixed Genre.

Covers receiving the most votes were declared the winner on March 7, 2021, on LitCon Lounge.

Many thanks to Sharon Lipman, of Fantasia Cover Designs, for the fabulous cover for Alpha Tales 2044!

We Have a Winner!

Thank you to everyone who came to the release party for Behind Alien Lines and to those of you who bought a copy of the brand-new Beta-Earth spy stories! I look forward to your reviews.

Speaking of Behind Alien Lines and “Thank You” notes,  I’m long overdue expressing my gratitude to all of you who participated in our little election to pick the new cover for BAL.  As you can see, Cover 1 won the voting, but the second offering also had its share of fans. So my thanks go out to ~

Fans of Cover 1 ~ Sam, Kate, Nick, Debra, Katie, Xenia, Denise, Cindy, Janice, L.C., Christie, Collette, and Cassandra

Fans of Cover 2 ~ FJones, Jackie, Carol, Socorro, Anna, Susana, Tina, and my longtime personal friend, Bertha Collins.

And we got one vote for “Neither.” Well, one in every crowd . . . .

Congratulations to the winners of our Raffelcopter giveaway ~

Manuel Ascanio won the autographed copy of The Blind Alien with some Beta-Earth Chronicles swag.

Cindy Knowles won the Amazon gift card.

Alpha Tales 2044 Wins Award

In March, 2021, Wes Britton received a “2021 Reader Ready Award” from Author Shout for Alpha Tales 2044, a book of short stories in the Beta-Earth Chronicles series.

Alpha Tales 2044 won in the category “Recommended Read”.

All 2021 winners are listed on the Author Shout website. Click here to take a look.

Click here to find out more about Alpha Tales 2044 and purchase the paperback and eBook editions.

Behind the Pen with Wes Britton and Walter Koenig ~ March 20, 2021

On March 20, 2021, Wes Britton joined host Karina Kantas for a talk with actor/writer/director Walter Koenig, on “Behind the Pen: A Writer’s Journey”.

Best known for playing Enterprise navigator Pavel Chekov on the 1960s Star Trek television series, as well as six movies, and psi-cop Alfred Bester in the 1990s TV series Babylon 5, Walter Koenig has also written teleplays, screenplays, and books, including his autobiography, and has directed various theater productions.

In the first half of the hour-long interview, Walter discussed with Karina his experiences on Star Trek.

In the second half, Wes Britton talked with Walter about the writing process, acting, his books, plays, and the novel Walter is currently working on.

For the audio-only podcast version, click here.

The full interview is available on the “Behind the Pen” channel on YouTube – or take a look below ~

LitCon Literature Convention ~ March 5, 2021

On Friday, March 5, 2021, at 2 pm Eastern Standard Time, Wes Britton participated in a panel of science-fiction writers at the online LitCon Literature Convention.

The Zoom panel took place live through the LitCon event page on Facebook.

Wes joined his good friend Andy Zack, author of hilarious books about zombie turkeys, writer Bill McCormick, and moderator Phoebe Darqueling, for a discussion on world-building in science-fiction novels.

The LitCon Literature Convention began on Friday, March 5, and ended on Sunday, March 7. The event was hosted by LitCon, Anita Stewart, and Phoebe Darqueling.

Find out more about LitCon and upcoming events through their website. Missed the live Zoom panel?  Watch it here ~

Harrisburg Magazine Interviews Wes Britton

For the February 26, 2021, issue of the local Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, magazine TheBurg, reporter Karen Hendricks interviewed Wes Britton on the 100th anniversary of Vision Resources.

Wes discussed the “Get Off the Couch Club”, which enables members to go on activities such as the Hershey Trolley Works tour of Hershey, Pennsylvania, aboard an old-fashioned trolley, a visit to the Hershey Story museum, as well as more adventurous activities, such as kayaking.

To read the full article and find out more about the history of Vision Resources, click here.

“Just Joshing” with Wes Britton ~ February 18, 2021

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, Joshua Pantalleresco will interview Wes Britton on his podcast “Just Joshing”, airing online over TwitchTV from 8 to 10 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

A winner of the Aurora Award, Josh has interviewed many authors, business people, and creative folks about “life, the universe, and everything”. Conversations have ranged from important topics to serious topics and covered health, success, and pursuing dreams.

To tune in and find out what John and Wes will be talking about, please click the link below at 8 o’clock, EST ~

Just Joshing Podcast on Twitch TV

If you missed the interview, the “Just Joshing” interview with Wes Britton – which is podcast #511 – is available here.

World-Building Interview with Wes Britton

At the 2020 LitCon, held online in November, organizer Phoebe Darqueling moderated a panel with Wes Britton, Theresa Halvorsen, and Chris Lodwig about building worlds in science-fiction novels.

In mid-December, Phoebe Darqueling interviewed Wes for her blog, and they took a deeper dive into world-building.

Click here to read the interview “Inside the World of Beta-Earth Chronicles: An Interview with Wesley Britton”.

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