Immerse yourself in an extraordinary universe revealed by the most original storytelling you’ll ever experience. “Science fiction yes, but so much more.”


Imagine walking into an ordinary bank on an ordinary day.

Suddenly, your body feels unexpected pain in every cell. When the pain clears, you discover you’re now blind. You’re not where you thought you were. You don’t understand what has happened to you, why you’re being subjected to so many endless experiments, and why you don’t understand a single word you hear.

This is what happens to Dr. Malcolm Renbourn, a young history teacher who slowly learns he’s been dragged across the multi-verse to a parallel Earth.

On that planet, he learns he’s in a slave-holding country, and he’s considered the property of the institute that captured him. He learns Beta Earth is a planet of women as humanity suffers from a plague that kills three out of four male babies their first year.

Does his biology contain the cure to a disease that defines a world? Can Malcolm Renbourn free himself from his captors and find his place on a planet he barely understands?


That’s how the story begins. But the epic quickly expands as Malcolm Renbourn finds himself the center of a tribe of exiles and outcasts made up of his startlingly different and very sexy wives.

You’ll meet them in The Beta-Earth Chronicles, a science-fiction series coming from BearManor Media!

The Blind Alien is a story with a highly original concept, fascinating characters, and not-too-subtle but truthful allegories. Don’t let the sci-fi label or alternate Earth setting fool you – this is a compelling and contemporarily relevant story about race, sex, and social classes.” ~ Raymond Benson, former James Bond novelist and author of the Black Stiletto books


Norm Goldman enjoys “A Conversation With Author Dr. Wesley Britton” on BookPleasures.com – Sept. 21, 2015


Book Five – The Third Earth

The Third Earth

For twenty years, Dr. Malcolm Renbourn and Tribe Renbourn faced adventure after adventure, struggle after struggle on Beta-Earth.

Now, Renbourn and five of his Betan wives are forced to cross the multi-verse once again, this time to the strange world called Cerapin-Earth. After startling and frightening physical transformations, the altered Renbourns meet two new kinds of humanity. One is the dominant pairs who are able to share thoughts and sensations at the same time. The other are the nams, single-bodied people the pairs deem defective mono-minds. As a result, nams are exiled from the overpopulated cities of pyramid hives.

Tribe Renbourn must join the outcasts and teach them they are as worthy of love and acceptance as any unkind pair. But helping the nams learn how to stand up for themselves ultimately leads to a catastrophic war. At the same time, Cerapin scientists plan another multi-versal jump that must also end in a costly disaster. Along the way, two sexy spies complicate everything.

On a world where technology is worshiped like a religion, how can the nam rebels overcome the superior armaments of the pairs using primitive weaponry? While this conflict brews, Tribe Renbourn explores what it means to be human in ways they never expected.

Will their epic end like it began, forced to sacrifice themselves to save a doomed city?

Read more about The Third Earth ~


Check back for more information on the next installment in this exciting science-fiction series, The Beta-Earth Chronicles!




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