A collection of short stories in The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series


20 years in the future, humanity has been decimated by climate change and waves of fatal plagues released by Islamic terrorists.

In this new world, Special Operative Mary Carpenter of the Commonwealth of Independent States takes on deadly opponents, including white supremacists, cells of the Everlasting Caliphate, and an international organization of smugglers called Hammerhead plotting to dominate the planet with an all-powerful fear gas.

Join Mary Carpenter in four fast-paced, futuristic adventures that might be in tomorrow’s headlines.

Hammerhead. Twenty years from now,  Hammerhead will be the most powerful international criminal network in the world.

Hammerhead. The astonishing success of Hammerhead will result from their secret means of smuggling illegal goods and cargo undetected anywhere in the world. 

Hammerhead. Joining forces with the Chinese terrorist triad, the Quai Do, Hammerhead is preparing to unleash a frightening new drug that will subjugate all humanity to their will.

To thwart Hammerhead, special operative Mary Carpenter travels to the Virgin Islands where she infiltrates the headquarters of Brazilian crime lord, Marcus Calavera. There, Mary must uncover the secret to the smuggling operation and investigate what drug the organization is stockpiling in its quest to quash all opposition to their domination. 

Hammerhead: The latest chapter in the Beta-Earth Chronicles set on our planet four years before six aliens arrive in Jamaica and change everything.

The stories include ~

Special Operative Mary Carpenter of the Dallas Infiltrator Unit debuts in “The Fates of Evil Men,” a mystery pitting Mary against two violent white supremacist cells twenty years in the future.

In “The Last Bomb,” Mary battles an Islamic terrorist cell plotting to detonate a nuclear bomb in a North Texas suburb.

Mary is transferred to the Sovereign Southern Union’s Naval intelligence service in “Hammerhead, Part 1: It’s About Fear.” On a Caribbean island, she infiltrates an organization called Hammerhead that is planning to unleash a fear gas on the planet to subjugate all humanity to their will.

In “Hammerhead, Part II: A Day in the Death of the Magic Majestic,” Mary hunts for the fear drug hidden somewhere inside a large luxury cruiser.

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