Dr. Wes Britton is always interested in discussing his writing – and especially The Beta-Earth Chronicles. Take a look ~


  • Author Interviews – April 1, 2018 – Wes talks with Fiona McVie, on her blog of interviews with authors.
  • Book Pleasures, “My Life as a Book Reviewer” – March 27, 2018 – Wes discusses the life of a book reviewer.
  • Uzzell Books – March 8, 2018 – Wes talks with author Ashley Uzzell on her YouTube channel.
  • Author Assist Radio Show – Jan. 12, 2018 – Wes talks with host Karina Kantas on her online radio show.
  • Online PR Media, “Blind Author Announces Double Promotion of Unique Sci Fi Series” – August 4, 2016
  • Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania, click the “Podcasts” icon, and Dr. Britton’s interview will be under “Interview Podcasts” – May 2, 2016 – Liz Stanley Swope, of Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania, interviews Wes about his book series, his teaching career, and his blindness.
  • BookPleasures, “A Conversation with Wesley Britton” – Sept. 21, 2015 – Wes chats with editor Norm Goldman about writing, spies, and his series The Beta-Earth Chronicles.