Alpha Tales 2044

A collection of short stories in The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series

Winner of the “2021 Reader Ready Award” from Author Shout!

Alpha Tales 2044 – Beta-Earth Chronicles opens on Beta-Earth when two genetically-enhanced mutants are forced to recover a stolen secret, the cure to the ancient Plague-With-No-Name that defined a planet for millennia.

Then we jump across the multi-verse to our earth, Alpha-Earth, where police Captain Mary Carpenter infiltrates a gang of White Supremacists who want to purify Texas after decades of climate change and weaponized plagues.

Still on Alpha, we leap ahead in time to 40 years in the future where Mary Carpenter joins up with four aliens, two from Beta-Earth, two from Serapin-Earth. All four share the same father, The Blind Alien from Alpha-Earth. They’ve traveled across the multi-verse to tell us about their worlds.

But Alphans, scarred by the devastation to our world, are unhappy about learning about very different cultures from anything we’ve ever known and especially hearing about multiple deities. So the alien band are forced to go on the run and take sanctuary in a First Nation domed city in British Columbia.

But their sanctuary doesn’t last long. Forced to travel further into the Canadian wilderness, the family encounters a pair of Sasquatch who change everything for them. They learn about the many definitions of what it means to be human.

Alpha Tales 2044 is a collection of stories that are part sci-fi, part murder mysteries, part horror, and part social commentary. But completely full of the unexpected, surprises, and tales, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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Amazon Reviews ~

Book Lady Teri ~ Awesome shorts! ~ Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2020 – “Alpha Tales 2044 by Wesley Britton
An awesome collection of short stories! Received this ARC and am leaving an honest review.”

Preston Fleming (Author of ROOT AND BRANCH) ~ Colorful introduction to Beta-Earth Chronicles series or can be read as standalone short stories ~ Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020 – “Alpha Tales 2044 is an interconnected series of short stories that can be read as a standalone volume or can serve as an introduction to the Beta-Earth Chronicles series. The action is set in a richly imagined future where half-breed aliens arrive on earth amid a recovery from ecological and man-made catastrophes and run afoul of those who govern America.
I came as a newcomer to Wes Britton’s writings. While the stories in this short book are too brief to develop the characters as deeply as I expect they will be developed in the novels of the Beta-Earth series, one particular character, Major Mary Carpenter Renbourn stands out as someone I would like to get to know much better. I enjoyed Mary’s exploits against the Texas Neo-Nazis in the Alpha Earth Sketches and look forward to seeing more of her in other volumes.
I recommend Alpha Tales 2044 highly to new readers of the Beta-Earth Chronicles series and expect that veteran fans of the series will also find much to like in the book.”

Barbara B ~ Engaging Prequel to the Beta Earth Chronicles! ~ Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2020 – “An interesting and informative collection of short stories that gave a lot of background on many of the characters in this Sci-Fi series. I loved the interconnected storyline and look forward to reading the entire series. There’s plenty of action, suspense, drama, intriguing characters (alien and human), humor, romance and tragedy. Definitely worth reading. Enjoy! I received an advance copy and am happy to leave my honest review.”

Lisa ~ Alphans, Betans, and Sasquatch! ~ Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2018 – “A wonderful short story collection that will take you to unimagined places, each of them different, but all tied together by the Beta-Earth saga. The first of the stories is taken right out of the Beta-Earth Chronicles; it stars one of my favorite characters, Sasperia. She and the Supreme Head of the Munchen Collective (love these titles!) save the world. And they do it with lots of adventure and excitement. And a bit of sadness.
Next is The Fates of Evil Men; this story takes us back to Alpha Earth – our earth – in a sort of dystopian virus plagued era. It is also full of twists and turns, and very unlike any other dystopian sort of story I’ve ever read. An excellent story with a surprising twist in the end, but still, not my favorite of this collection. The next group of stories fill in some history of what happened to the earth, and some of the latest generation of the Renbourn’s trials and adventures. Followed by Murder in the Canyon, further fleshing out the family in this later day earth. More trials for the family, and decisions made to, again, move on. Leading to Sasquatch. Which, in this version of Earth’s future, really exists. This is my favorite story of the whole collection. I recommend anyone who likes science fiction, adventure, or even some romance, to try this collection – it is well written and fun to read!”

Harvey ~ INTELLIGENT, HUMOROUS and EXCITING. BRAVO! ~ Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2018 – “Dr. Wesley Britton’s “Alpha Tales 2044: A Beta-Earth Chronicles Collection” gives new meaning to the word prequel. His characters spring back to life when their unique physical descriptions are revealed and their deeds and goals come into focus. Britton visits a fantasy world which shares the same problems as those on Earth. As they seek to cure a devastating virus, we aim to cure cancer. Years into climate change and confronting evil, Dr. Britton’s heroes and heroines seek out ways to deal with the very same problems we have on Earth today. Intelligent, humorous and exciting. Bravo!”

GoodReads Reviews ~

Teri Ruscak ~ Aug. 19, 2020 – “Alpha Tales 2044 by Wesley Britton
An awesome collection of short stories!
Received this ARC and am leaving an honest review.”

Mark Watson ~ Feb. 4, 2019 – “This short but incredibly enjoyable collection of stories was easily one of the most engrossing bits of short fiction I’ve had a chance to read in a very long time. The world each of these stories inhabit is so incredibly lived in, detailed, and still accessible, even if this is where you’re just jumping on board with this universe. Regardless on ‘which earth’ you’re transported to (it varies with each story, but never loses focus). There is clearly a lot of deep fiction here. I’d highly recommend this collection as a delicious sampler to the world Mr. Britton has created. If you are like me, it’ll be more than enough for you to want to try the full meal. A great jumping off point for sure.”

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