Behind Alien Lines

A collection of short stories in The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series

Behind Alien Lines – In three exciting adventures from the Beta-Earth multi-verse, readers can now go where no spy has gone before!

In “The Wayward Missiles,” meet three sexy members of the “Scrubs” resistance network – Jolcolm Renbourn, son of “The Blind Alien” from Alpha-Earth; his love interest, the willowy Hiqqa Rimudas; and Hiqqa’s saucy half-sister, Shai. You’ll never expect the inventive ways they create – and the strange creatures they use – to defeat a powerful invading army!

In “The Alien Who Never Was,” go along with the tough-as-nails Shai Rimudas into the heart of enemy intelligence, as she fights her way to a surprising climax!

Finally, in “Under an Alien Moon,” the three saboteurs travel down three parallel paths full of twists and turns guaranteed to keep you turning the pages of this new addition to the Beta-Earth Chronicles.

In Behind Alien Lines, it’s all here – heroism, romance, intrigue, suspense, hard-edged combat – and all delivered in three of the most original science-fiction spy stories you’ll ever experience.

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Behind Alien Lines, by Wes Britton, is available through these online booksellers. Click on any of these links to find out more.

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