The Blind Alien

Book 1 – The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series


The Blind AlienYoung professor Malcolm Renbourn is captured in a scientific experiment that drags him across the multi-verse from his home planet, Alpha Earth.

After seven torturous months in a Balnakin institute, Malcolm first tries to teach Alpha ways to a racist, slave-holding country, then escapes to freedom, but learns his trials have just begun. He meets a series of very different women who become his Betan wives – Lorei, the prophetess of the goddess Olos; her simple sister Elsbeth; the blue-skin Bar Tine; the towering Joline, and Doret, a mutant offspring of a failed genetic experiment.

Together Tribe Renbourn battles a planet wanting the alien and his children confined for more study before a monstrous disaster strikes Bergarten, the city where Malcolm Renbourn’s second life began.

And in Balnakin, the blame for the disaster is placed on one blind alien.


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