The Blood of Balnakin

Book 2 – The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series

Cover, The Blood of Balnakin, Book 2

In the aftermath of Crater Bergarten, where thousands of Balnakins died in a mysterious explosion, Tribe Renbourn is forced to sail across the Philosea Ocean where they settle in the country of Kirip.

There, Malcolm seeks ways to deflect the planet’s desire to forcibly confine the family while new threats emerge. The tribe meets the Mother-Icealt of Olos, shares prophecies with her, and learns the reasons why Malcolm Renbourn will have an Earth-changing role far greater than anyone expected.

The tribe is captured at sea and fulfills three prophecies that will heal their battles with Balnakin and change a country.

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An offbeat, humorous excerpt is also posted to the The Beta-Earth Chronicles Facebook page on March 12, 2018, at 11 am.

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Amazon Reviews ~

Lisa ~ A Great Science Fiction Adventure Continues! ~ Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2018 – “The Beta-Earth Chronicles takes some exciting twists and turns in this, the second book. Our Blind Alien continues to acquire wives, have adventures, and have children, but for the first time there are a few cracks in the Renbourn family solidarity. But this book is about so much more! Science Fiction religion – with All Domes conflicts, parallels some of the issues of our Earth’s religious conflicts, and there are political upheavals as well. And some terrific new personalities join the tribe, with very unexpected surprises in the ever changing plot. By now, if you read The Blind Alien first (and I strongly suggest you do, because this book is a continuation of the Chronicles) you will have gotten used to the unusual way of speech, and perhaps, like me, even have fun thinking in that dialect!”

Marina Spirova ~ I don’t think that I can compare this book to anything I have ever read or seen. ~ Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2016 – “I don’t think that I can compare this book to anything I have ever read or seen. In most Sci-Fi novels you can see some ultra super developed aliens that are half robots. Here, you can see none of that. The author creates a Universe where the human is the alien. The human is the one who possesses enormous amount of knowledge and who can help if he wants to do so. Not only the book is unique in its idea of the human being the alien, but this book is also unique in the style it is written. The way the aliens talk in English, being thought by Malcom. I don’t think that anyone have ever thought of teaching the aliens to speak English. It’s amazing how Wesley Britton has thought of every little detail.

Harley Sharpe – “An interesting book with an interesting writing style I haven’t seen before. It follows a host of characters prime among them being Lorei Cawl. A blind seer whose had visions from the time they were born. Joline Sonam seems to be another primary character. Joline is an exile from a snow covered country. A tall long legged woman well aware of her charms. There’s also Doret who appears to be the equivalent of a divine ruler of some sort speaking for her deity Olos and people as well. The title being Doret Galass Renbourn, Icealt of Olos. A sci-fi novel featuring a dose of mysticism, parallel universes, high tech, bio-engineering you name it. It has a little of everything. One of the things that grabbed my attention is the amount of detail in the book. It even includes a short family tree for the Renbourn Tribe at the beginning of it. From that to the description of the vistas and scenery the author paints the setting expertly. It appears to be written with a hint of an altered old english style to some of the book but not quite. Give it a read.”

Amazon customer ~ “Classical one!” – “A different type of Sci-fi novel which, instead of exaggerating modern science, focuses on a world of different rituals. Though this book starts right after where the previous one ended, the author gave a brief overview on the previous one. The most amazing part of this series is the writing style of Author, like Elsbeth remembering some of the words spoken by an Icealt back in her childhood, “With age, our faces show our closeness to Olos. Our face-cracks and lines show we, too, are reflections of the earth that bore us.” The plots of danger and suspense makes the reader keep forwarding. Anyone bored with typical Sci-fi should try this one.”

GoodReads Reviews ~

Alexandra ~ May 11, 2016 – “The first thing that will grab you about this novel is the very unique writing style. While it may take some time to become used to it, you can certainly appreciate how much effort the author has put into creating a unique styling to complement the unique story. The writing style is like new and old English combined, or a formalised, “intellectual” way of speaking modern-day English, and while it is unusual it is also a great way of representing the new world/culture that the story narrates. To help readers recall the events from Book 1, the events of the first book in the series is recounted by expertly weaving them into the story itself, as the opening introduction. This second book of the Beta Earth Chronicles follows events which link with Lorei’s prophecies and continues the journey of the Renbourn family. The story is told through the eyes of many characters, who each narrate a small part of the story as it moves along. I enjoyed this aspect of the novel, as it really helps you to connect with lots of characters. While on the surface this novel may appear to be one which only presents new sci-fi concepts and an alternate world, it also has depth, and looks at class, family, social issues, and how one adapts to new cultures, language, and lifestyle. If you are looking for a unique sci-fi story, with interesting characters, and an exploration of a different world and lifestyles, then this book/series gives you something which the standard sci-fi novels out there don’t.”

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