The Fates of Evil Men

Cover - The Fates of Evil MenIt’s nearly 40 years in the future. Planet Earth has been decimated by both climate change and horrific biological weapons. The U.S. has divided into four countries, giving many states independence from Washington D.C.

Captain Mary Carpenter has to investigate the hideous murder of an Islamic informer to her Dallas, Texas police department. There are two roads she must explore.

Was it Islamic followers of the Holy Allah Movement taking out a traitor to their cause? Or was it the Tex-Zis, the Texas-Nazis wanting to purify their state of all non-whites?

Either way, the danger of an incurable skin-splitting virus threatens Dallas. Can Mary Carpenter stop the cold-blooded mass killers?


The Fates of Evil Men, by Wes Britton, was released on April 1, 2019, as a Kindle eBook through these on-line booksellers ~

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