A Throne for an Alien

Book 4 – The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series

Cover, A Throne for an Alien, Book 4

The story opens with the astounding exodus of a fleet of Alman ships fleeing the war in Alma.

Following the former Duce of Bilan, the flotilla comes to the small island country of Hitalec where Lorei and Doret reveal Olos has new, heart-breaking prophecies to fulfill for Tribe Renbourn. They include bonding with the royal house of the country while a new Queen begins her attempts to crush the Renbourns.

But the time has come for all the mysteries to be revealed in yet another voyage across the multi-verse.

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Amazon Reviews ~

Lisa ~ The best in the series so far! ~ Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2018 – “The last thing Malcolm Renbourn wants is a throne; nevertheless, that is what he ends up getting! How he gets there is a fun tale. It’s one thing for the Renbourns, and even a bunch of their close associates, to escape a war torn country. Another thing entirely for an entire fleet of rag tag boats, ships, and anything that floats to accompany them! By this time, Malcolm and his wives have developed a lot of contacts and allies. These are from all different parts of the world, and make a world of difference to the Renbourns in their journeys. But rather than settling the fleet with any of them, they find an Island which, if they can make it work out, will benefit the many different lifestyles in the fleet, while also bringing prosperity to the Island nation. And then there is the continuing issue of the Plague for which the Collective and the Renbourns hope to find a cure. This also adds to the excitement! If you haven’t read the first three books, I suggest you do that before reading “Throne” – they are all a great fun read, and will add to the background for “Throne for an Alien”. These books just keep getting better!”

GoodReads Reviews ~

Misrda ~ Aug. 11, 2016 – “I have really enjoyed reading this series so far, and it is great that the story continues on in Book 4. The author obviously has a really strong imagination, and he has a great ability to bring the setting and characters to life. What I love about this series is that it gives the reader something different from other sci-fi series/books out there, and that it doesn’t follow the standard path. I love that the story focuses on a range of characters, that the story offers something unexpected and different from the norm, and that the series continues to surprise. The series is told through a distinctive, unusual writing technique, and this is what sets the series apart from the rest. I recommend this book and series to readers who are looking for something totally new and different.”

Marganas ~ Aug. 11, 2016 – “I was excited to read the new installment in this series, and I was not disappointed. Wes Britton has continued to give readers a story which has depth, strong characterization, and compelling settings, all conveyed through his unique writing style. The book is told from a range of character perspectives, and this helps to keep the pacing of the story fast and interesting. The author uses good descriptive language so that it is easy to visualize the events, characters and settings. I like how the author explores different concepts, ideas and various aspects of life, to create a story which has a lot of layers and complexity. The series is not for the reader looking for the usual tiresome, standard sci-fi story full of aliens, explosions, far-fetched technology and spaceships. Instead, the series is for the more discerning sci-fi reader, who is looking for a story with interesting concepts, good writing and a more multi-faceted story.”

Pinchoos ~ Aug. 11, 2016 – “As a huge sci-fi fan, I am excited that Book 4 of The Beta Earth Chronicles is now available, and that I could find out how Malcolm’s story continues. Wes Britton has a really unique writing style that captures your attention, and while his styling may not be for everybody it is ideal for readers who are looking for something truly unique and different in the sci-fi genre. The series has a little bit of everything – an interesting range of characters, intriguing settings, different character voices, exciting technology and sci-fi concepts, and a story with depth. The novel/series give you something that standard sci-fi books don’t usually contain, and I really appreciate the effort the author has gone to, to create a story which is different, unique and very interesting.”

Mjuhbudo ~ Aug. 3, 2016 – “I actually believe I’ve read one of maybe even all of the others in this series. I remember this cause of the attention to detail the author went through at the beginning of the book. Even including a break down of the clan or tribe. The amount of detail is one of the first things you notice. rom that initial chart of relatives to the descriptions of scenery. To the world and characters themselves. Even the names. They’re not rehashes of old staples of sci-fi or fantasy. They’re fitting and unique. It has a little of everything intrigue, plague, noble ideals in a world where that’s not easy to hold to. A very solid work of sci-fi. I’d say this is an author to watch. I am glad I had the chance to get it as a gift. Keep up the excellent work.”

Fulluri ~ Aug. 3, 2016 – “When I was given this book to read and give my honest opinion, I was reluctant because it is the fourth in the series. I was not willing to read all the books in the series, but I thought why not just jump to the fourth one and see if it makes sense to me. Surprisingly I was able to get the story which is perfectly crafted leading me to going back to read the others. I like the whole concept and fiction in this book. Despite it being fiction you are drawn to imagining you are in that world. The plot is well created, and characters are just amazing. A throne for aliens do not disappoint it captures your imagination, interest and maintains it throughout to the end”

Alexandra ~ Aug. 2, 2016 – “As with all the other novels in this series, the writing style of this novel is the first thing you will note, in how different it is from the standard way a sci-fi novel is usually written. This is what really sets this book/series apart from other standard sci-fi novels out there. I really appreciate the way the author recaps past events from the story in the ‘Introduction’, as this really helps the reader reconnect with the story and brings them up-to-speed quickly. The overall styling of the novel shows the reader how much thought has been given to organising the story in a consistent manner throughout all of the books in the series. This novel continues the Beta Earth story, and the story continues to be told through a unique writing narrative, with strong descriptive passage, interesting characters and settings, and an intriguing plot. This novel/series is ideal for readers who are looking for a sci-fi story which has plenty of depth and action, and for those who will appreciate a story which is uniquely different, well-written using an unusual styling, and has a plot which ultimately draws you in.”

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