When War Returns

Book 3 – The Beta-Earth Chronicles Book Series

Cover, When War Returs, Book 3

Forced to accept an alliance with an Alman royal tribe to protect his growing family, Malcolm Renbourn becomes the Duce of Bilan, a man responsible for a region of the country of Alma filled with unwanted immigrants.

He must bond with the mutant Ducai of Bercumel, Sasperia Thorwaife, a genetically-enhanced woman with one goal – to bend Tribe Renbourn to her will. At the same time, the Prince of Alma has similar plans of his own. And the Lunta of Alma’s New Dome seeks to take dominance over the country in the name of religion.

Thus, the Renbourns are drawn into a conflict that will split a nation.

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Amazon Reviews ~

Lisa ~ Sasperia and conflict ~ Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2018 – “In this, the third of the Chronicles, Malcolm has more adventures than he ever wanted. The book gets a whole ton of excitement and kept me guessing, usually incorrectly, what was going to happen next. Sasperia, who is an important addition to the Renbourn tribe, is a great addition to the book, and if not my favorite character, well, she is probably one with the most surprises! The Chronicles continue to evolve with great writing, some fun humor, and new and exciting science fiction concepts. It continues to address social, economic and political issues but with a whole different slant.”

WR Peden ~ The book was a great read. Not really my cup of tea but … ~ Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2018 – “The book was a great read. Not really my cup of tea but a good read none the less. I would recommend it if your a sci-fi fan but i am unfortunately not but it was worth it. Great novel”

Brenda Roberts ~ Dr. Wes Britton’s series is wonderful! ~ Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2016 – “I have known Dr. Britton for many years. I used to do research with him at the local college. I loved his poetry and this book is just what I would have expected from Wes. My heart went out to him when I saw he put his dog Freckles into this story. Freckles was one of the things that Wes like best next to writing/reading/teaching. I will be looking forward to reading the others in this series.”

GoodReads Reviews ~

Marganas ~ June 19, 2016 – “I have been a fan of Mr. Britton’s writing style ever since I read The Blood of Balnakin – the Beta Earth Chronicles: Book Two. Since then I have been eagerly waiting to learn more about my favorite character Joline and I am so glad that the author obliged me with a third installment. The story continues to mesmerize me as do the author’s writing style. 5 stars all the way!”

Pinchoos ~ June 19, 2016 – “An extremely well thought-out story right from the start. The descriptions of the characters range from serious to humorous – “I joked she must wear special belts to keep her pants on — she had no shape for togs to hang on” – but in any and all cases the author has spared no detail in describing them. Highly recommended for its stark realism and authenticity.”

Mjuhbudo ~ June 19, 2016 – “I don’t know where to start but this novel, right from its structure, plotline, characters as well as style is thoroughly unique for me. I have read a lot of science fiction books but nowhere have I come across such erudite language, multi-dimensional characters as well as a list of the characters involved in the story, including their date of birth and other details. I found it to be a true page-turner and sincerely hope that the author comes up with another installment very soon.”

Fulluri ~ June 19, 2016 – “An excellent book that certainly deserves attention. The language is so lofty (and I mean that as a compliment) and flawless that many a time it reminded me of the 18th century English novels I used to read at school. I have been reading the whole series of Beta Earth Chronicles and all I can say is that if you regard yourself as a true science fiction reader then you cannot afford to pass on in this series. Just like the two other books, the third installment is also quite serious and no- nonsense in tone. For those new to the series the prolog offers you with a brief overview of the previous two books, starting from Malcolm’s torture, his family and the connections he made thereafter, etc.”

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