The Wayward Missiles

Cover - The Wayward MissilesIn the year 1735 on Beta-Earth, something rare changed everything. War. A civil war in the country of Alma that not only tore up that land but spilled all over the Old Continent. That was because the Royal House of Alma wanted to impose their religion of the New Dome over all their reluctant neighbors.

None of these countries had the military power of Alma, so it was up to independent companies of swift-acting, resourceful, and quick-thinking resistance groups to push the invaders back to the sea. Perhaps they could even the odds by capturing one of the new weapons the Almans were firing at them, the deadly missiles that seemed to have minds of their own?

But war can take unexpected, even quirky twists and turns that surprise all sides of the conflict. Can hearty resistance fighters reclaim their homelands or will the seemingly omnipotent Almans bully the New Continent into submission?


The Wayward Missiles, by Wes Britton, was released on April 11, 2019, as a Kindle eBook through these on-line booksellers ~

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