Reviews are coming in for Dr. Wes Britton’s science-fiction novel series The Beta-Earth Chronicles.

Take a look at these!

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Harley Sharpe, posting to Amazon about The Blood of Balnakin, writes ~

An interesting book with an interesting writing style I haven’t seen before. It follows a host of characters prime among them being Lorei Cawl. A blind seer whose had visions from the time they were born. Joline Sonam seems to be another primary character. Joline is an exile from a snow covered country. A tall long legged woman well aware of her charms. There’s also Doret who appears to be the equivalent of a divine ruler of some sort speaking for her deity Olos and people as well. The title being Doret Galass Renbourn, Icealt of Olos. A sci-fi novel featuring a dose of mysticism, parallel universes, high tech, bio-engineering you name it. It has a little of everything. One of the things that grabbed my attention is the amount of detail in the book. It even includes a short family tree for the Renbourn Tribe at the beginning of it. From that to the description of the vistas and scenery the author paints the setting expertly. It appears to be written with a hint of an altered old english style to some of the book but not quite. Give it a read.

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An Amazon customer, also posting to Amazon, calls The Blood of Balnakin “Classical one!” and writes ~

A different type of Sci-fi novel which, instead of exaggerating modern science, focuses on a world of different rituals. Though this book starts right after where the previous one ended, the author gave a brief overview on the previous one.

The most amazing part of this series is the writing style of Author, like Elsbeth remembering some of the words spoken by an Icealt back in her childhood, “With age, our faces show our closeness to Olos. Our face-cracks and lines show we, too, are reflections of the earth that bore us.” The plots of danger and suspense makes the reader keep forwarding.

Anyone bored with typical Sci-fi should try this one.

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Raymond Benson, former James Bond novelist and author of the Black Stiletto books, writes ~

The Blind Alien is a story with a highly original concept, fascinating characters, and not-too-subtle but truthful allegories. Don’t let the sci-fi label or alternate Earth setting fool you – this is a compelling and contemporarily relevant story about race, sex, and social classes.

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Bobbi Chertok, posting about The Blind Alien to Amazon, writes ~

Spymaster and imaginative author, Dr. Wesley Britton has another big hit! His book takes the reader on a compelling journey of an Alpha earthling who has been spirited to planet Beta. Science-fiction, yes, but much more. The book explores science, medicine, commerce, education, spiritual life, family life and sex on an alternative planet which at times is insightful and hilarious in its comparison to our own Earth. In an ingenious way, Dr. Britton has created a new grammar and vocabulary to continually intrigue the reader. A true winner!

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Dave Massengale, posting about The Blind Alien to Amazon, writes ~

An excellent work of new SF that hearkens back to the classics of Asimov and Heinlein. Told from the viewpoint of the different characters, it is a tale of a man from our earth (Alpha) being unwittingly transferred to a parallel earth (Beta) where he must learn to adapt to new cultures, attitudes, languages at the same time as coming to grips with the loss of his sight. Each of the characters are fully developed and well defined and being able to hear their thoughts about each encounter brings a richness to the narratives. Politics, religion, social mores and relationships are all examined from both without and within. Think “Stranger in a Strange Land” combined with “Foundation” and you may begin to get an idea of the scope and quality of this adventure.

While definitely not a children’s book, for anyone who remembers and loves the way SF used to be (before it became all about war and alien invasions) this is a must read! I eagerly await the remaining books and will pester Dr. Britton and BearManor until I get my hands on them.

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Tosin Coker, posting about The Blind Alien to GoodReads, writes ~

A most commendable and unique novel. I can honestly say I have not come across anything quite like it. The Blind Alien follows the life of an unremarkable man who by some twist of fate is pulled from his world, into that of one parallel . . . What follows is a story of rebellion, politics, love, science, and religion . . . without a doubt, this is an admirably well crafted piece of work, that was both entertaining and very thought provoking.

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Doug Myerscough, posting about The Blind Alien to Amazon, writes ~

I really didn’t know what to expect from a book with a blind protagonist, but I was extremely pleased. The book centers around a character who is blinded by an event that drags him from Earth to a different universe (not quite parallel) where the light skin people were the lowest end of the social spectrum. Most men die at or near birth, so men are in short supply, and polygamy is the norm. An Earth human goes to this planet, deals with blindness under freakish circumstances and ends up married to women from various races. It’s odd as hell, but very well thought out, and well written. I think it will make a great movie!

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