LitCon Literature Convention ~ March 5, 2021

On Friday, March 5, 2021, at 2 pm Eastern Standard Time, Wes Britton participated in a panel of science-fiction writers at the online LitCon Literature Convention.

The Zoom panel took place live through the LitCon event page on Facebook.

Wes joined his good friend Andy Zack, author of hilarious books about zombie turkeys, writer Bill McCormick, and moderator Phoebe Darqueling, for a discussion on world-building in science-fiction novels.

The LitCon Literature Convention began on Friday, March 5, and ended on Sunday, March 7. The event was hosted by LitCon, Anita Stewart, and Phoebe Darqueling.

Find out more about LitCon and upcoming events through their website. Missed the live Zoom panel?  Watch it here ~

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