We Have a Winner!

Thank you to everyone who came to the release party for Behind Alien Lines and to those of you who bought a copy of the brand-new Beta-Earth spy stories! I look forward to your reviews.

Speaking of Behind Alien Lines and “Thank You” notes,  I’m long overdue expressing my gratitude to all of you who participated in our little election to pick the new cover for BAL.  As you can see, Cover 1 won the voting, but the second offering also had its share of fans. So my thanks go out to ~

Fans of Cover 1 ~ Sam, Kate, Nick, Debra, Katie, Xenia, Denise, Cindy, Janice, L.C., Christie, Collette, and Cassandra

Fans of Cover 2 ~ FJones, Jackie, Carol, Socorro, Anna, Susana, Tina, and my longtime personal friend, Bertha Collins.

And we got one vote for “Neither.” Well, one in every crowd . . . .

Congratulations to the winners of our Raffelcopter giveaway ~

Manuel Ascanio won the autographed copy of The Blind Alien with some Beta-Earth Chronicles swag.

Cindy Knowles won the Amazon gift card.

Your comments?

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