Wes Britton Talks Spies with Commercial Truckers ~ January 6, 2022

On Thursday, January 6, 2022, Wes Britton will talk spy books and spy movies with Shelley M. Johnson on her highly-rated afternoon show The Truckers Network Radio Show, over the internet radio station TNCRadio.Live.

The program will air at 4 pm Eastern, 3 pm Central, 2 pm Mountain, and 1 pm Pacific.

Based in Huston, Texas, TNCRadio.Live is programming by truckers for truckers – entertainment and information to make each drive a little easier. The schedule is available on the radio station’s website. Truckers tuning into Shelley Johnson’s program on Thursday are sure to be entertained by Wes Britton’s stories about real spies, fictional spies, spies on film and television!

To listen to The Truckers Network Radio Show, click here to go to the Home page of the TNC.Live website and click the “Play” button on the TNC.Live logo.

Missed the live broadcast? Wesley’s interview is available as a podcast! Click here to go to the podcast ~ #5258 ~ and click the “Play” button.

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